What is some advice to clear the JEE Mains paper 2, importantly the maths section?

%Practice makes anything Perfect. This can be a Best piece of advice for you to crack JEE Paper 2. Do not omit any topic especially in mathematics. Keep practising all type of mathematical aptitudes frequently to get a good practise and time management.

Mathematics always needs special training and practise. Solving previous year question papers is a good way to prepare. You may note the following important points:

  1.  Solve 10 or more of the easier maths questions and make sure you avoid negative marking
  2.   Don’t waste time on a section of difficult aptitude questions (Architectural awareness and nonverbal reasoning).Instead Solve the easy ones first which forms 97% and gives you the chance to get 99.99 percentile in Aptitude already
  3. Practise drawing daily 2 questions with fixed time set and get feedback from expert faculty or friends
  4. Solve previous year question papers and keep practising
  5. Attend as many mock tests as possible and if you are trying at home maintain the seriousness of the exam center itself
  6. Usually, Maths questions will not be as tough as in JEE paper 1 exam. So if you focus on drawing and excel in solving 10 or more maths questions correctly then that will be enough for good results.

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