• Test duration will be 3 hours.
  • The NATA question paper will have two – Part A and Part B.
  • Part A of NATA is a Drawing Test which will be conducted on A4 size drawing sheets. A total of 3 questions in which 2 questions carries 35 marks each and 1 question carries 55 marks which is altogether 125 marks. Total time duration of PART A Drawing Test is 135 mins.
  • Part B of NATA is an Online Test which constitutes of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). This part is further classified into TWO sections. 
  • The first section of PART B consists of 15 Questions from Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry which carries 1.5 marks each.
  • The second section of PART B consists of 20 Questions from General Aptitude and Logical Reasoning which also carries 1.5 marks each.
  • Total marks of PART B is 75 marks and time duration will be 45 mins.
  • The NATA question paper will be set in English language only
  • Negative marking – There is no negative marking. However during preparation of merit list, if two or more candidates score the same marks, the candidate with fewer incorrect attempts may get preference over other candidates. Please check below for full details.




Total Marks for the paper = Part A + Part B = 200


Parameters for judging Drawing Aptitude in NATA

The NATA Drawing test which will be conducted in pen-and-pencil mode will be judged on the following parameters.

  • Ability to maintain proportionately in sketches of a given object and present it in an appealing way
  • Visualize and draw the effects of light on object and shadows it cast on surroundings
  • Ability to give perspective to drawing
  • Draw buildings and other structures in three dimension
  • Create interesting two dimensional composition using given shapes and forms;
  • Construct visually harmonious sketch using colours
  • The candidate‚Äôs grasp of scale and proportions
  • Ability to draw pencil sketch of any random daily experience from memory.