Could I get a good college with a score of 107 (based on the first answer key not the final one) in the UCEED 2022 general category?

Since you scored 107 in the UCEED exam and belong to the general category, by comparing with our students’ ranks based on their marks, there are chances that your rank will not be sufficient enough […]

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How can I improve material handling for the NIFT Situation Test?

Material Handling skills can be developed only by practise and persistence. You need to be aware of all possible materials which will be provided in NIFT Situation Test. You have to practise making models with […]

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How significant is the NIFT situation test in overall ranking?

NIFT conducts NIFT Entrance exam for B.Des Admissions which are segmented into CAT(Creative Ability Test) and GAT(General Ability Test) and Situation Test. However, one must clear Situation Test to get through NIFT admissions. Hence, Situation […]

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Is the JEE paper 2 easy to clear?

JEE Paper 2 is typically more arithmetic. If you are so good at maths, you can easily ace JEE Paper 2. JEE Paper 2 constitutes of Trigonometry, Differential Calculus, Analytical Geometry, Algebra, Set Theory etc., […]

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What is some advice to clear the JEE Mains paper 2, importantly the maths section?

%Practice makes anything Perfect. This can be a Best piece of advice for you to crack JEE Paper 2. Do not omit any topic especially in mathematics. Keep practising all type of mathematical aptitudes frequently […]

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What should be kept in mind while preparing for the situation test of NIFT?

NIFT Situation Test is conducted to evaluate the creativity and material handling skills of the aspirants. The aspirants are expected to prove their design skills by making a model using the provided materials. They are […]

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What is the chance of getting admission for NIFT if I got selected for the situation test?

First of all congrats for clearing the preliminary part for NIFT. Please keep in mind that to get admission, you must qualify the NIFT situation test . NIFT is segmented into CAT, GAT and Situation […]

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Can I give both JEE Mains paper 2 and NATA?

Of course, you can. It is better to take both Exams so that you have 100% hope in stepping foot into the Architecture career successfully. Moreover, you can get more options in choosing Institutions. NATA […]

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Which B. Arch. colleges give admission through JEE paper 2 marks?

JEE Paper 2 is an Architecture Entrance Exam conducted by NTA for B.Arch admissions. JEE Paper 2 is accepted by NITs, SPAs and  GFTIs. Other Institutions which accept JEE Paper 2 are: Birla Institute of […]

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Why do students get rejected in the NIFT situation test?

NIFT Situation Test is conducted to evaluate the creativity and material handling skills of the aspirants. A kit of materials along with a question paper with questions of model making of various themes will be […]

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